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Taoist Gods

Taoism has a large number of male & female gods.  Here are some of the less well known ones I found in the Dong Yuen Miao in Beijing, China.

The Dong Yuen Miao features 76 departments of the Taoist pantheon. Each department is represented by a small room with a statue of its god and his or her minions with a descriptive sign beside each room.  Out of the 76 rooms, I chose 11 that had really meaningful descriptions or really weird looking minions (you should be able to guess which is which).

Here are the images and transcriptions of their signs.  Click on any image to open a much larger version of it.

Department of Demons & Monsters

Kinds of devils that often harm people in the dead of night.  This department controls and supervises them and forbids them to wander and bewilder people.


Department of Individual Destiny

Taoism holds that life's ups and downs are not predestined, but rather can be modified by your right or wrong conduct.  Those people who are rich but unkind can become poor, and poor people who constantly perform good deeds can become rich.



Department of Rewarding Good Conduct

Records and rewards the good conduct of ordinary people and even the good deeds of evil people.



Department of Pregnancy

Emphasizes the need to pay attention to the hygienic care of any woman during her pregnancy.  It is important for any woman to exercise self-respect, self control and self care to ward off the occurrence of indecent acts..


Department of Opposing Obscene Acts

An old saying goes: "Of all crimes, lewdness is the worst."  This department punishes culprits that overpower women.  Visiting prostitutes is also considered an obscene act.  This department advises people to give up filthy lust and desire.

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